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Lesca Crystals is a family business, it was founded by Lesley and Cathryn and designed to share our passion and knowledge of crystals and energy healing.

We sell crystals and gemstones and jewellery designed and assembled in our studio. Our range also extends to smudging items, charging plates and pyramids, and singing bowls.

We are humbled by Mother Earth and the divine gift our planet's mineral life can provide and our objectives are to:

Stock products that make a difference, strike a chord and improve wellbeing.
Be niche and develop long term relationships with our customers.
Source genuine and ethically sourced products from suppliers who respect our planet and its people.
Enjoy the rewards and challenges of managing a small business.

More about us

Lesley is a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and energy healer. She has been combining crystals and gemstones in personal and distant healing sessions for a number of years. She is very passionate about healing with crystals and gemstones with conscious intent and has a real knack for helping you pick the crystal to support your needs. Lesley's artistic eye, creative genius and focus on quality control is key to the success of our hand-made jewellery. In what little spare time she has, she is actively making bespoke crystal and silver jewellery.

Cathryn is a Marketing and Communications professional with a passion for entrepreneurship, wellbeing and the outdoors. She is our ace in all things marketing, communications, sourcing product, crunching data, analysing metrics and innovating new ways to keep Lesca Crystals running more efficiently. Her love of rocks, crystals and gems is matched only by her love of learning and the outdoors – and depending on the weather that’s hiking a trail or paddling the nearest waterway.



Since 2014 we have been operating a market stall as a hobby selling our hand-crafted dreamcatchers and mobiles. Things expanded when we found it hard to find unusual crystals and stones, along with genuine crystal jewellery sized to fit our lifestyles. After some study, Lesley became a Reiki Master in 2017, and our experience in crystals and healing along with a range of industry connections and more than a few hundred 'rocks' (that we had gathered over time) our dream started to grow.

In early 2019, we registered our business and started the slow process of professionalizing operations - from cataloguing and photography to getting things online. Those few hundred rocks and gemstones have turned into several thousand and growing - yes, we get attached too and there are some fine specimens that we can't part with (right now anyway).

bracelet making we-heart-this.jpg making macrame pendant in design studio


Balancing the economic benefits of mining with environmental and social responsibility is crucial in ensuring the sustainable extraction of crystals and gemstones. The challenges faced in the mining and processing of crystals and gemstones include:

  1. Environmental Impact: Mining operations can have environmental consequences, including habitat disruption, soil erosion, and water pollution. Responsible mining practices aim to minimize these impacts.
  2. Social and Economic Considerations: Mining activities can have social and economic effects on local communities. Balancing the benefits of mining with the well-being of local populations is an ongoing challenge.
  3. Worker Welfare and Safety: Safe working conditions, safe handling and working conditions are important to protect the lives of workers. Responsible practices aim to manage worker welfare.
  4. Sustainability: Sustainable mining practices are increasingly important to ensure that resources are extracted in a manner that minimizes long-term environmental damage and allows for the continued availability of the crystal or gemstone.
  5. Supply and Demand: As with any natural resource, fluctuations in supply and demand can impact the availability and pricing of crystals and gemstones.


We love rocks and gemmology! We are members of the International Gem Society, and our local lapidary and allied crafts club too. We'd love to own some lapidary machines, but storage space (and time) is scarce.

We do not sell cheap crystals! While tempting, they come at a price for workers and the environment as the mining and production of very cheap crystals does not support fair wages or adhere to safety best practices for its workers. It also devalues the industry and the supply chain with the pressure to produce more.

We do purchase recycled gems and crystals with the ideal that they can go to a good home - contact us on 041 966 2524 to find out more.

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Thank-you for visiting our online store. If you would like to visit us in-person, we can be found at regional artisan markets and on occasion appearing at body, mind and spirit shows. Keep an eye out for our Reiki and Manifestation Workshops in 2024!

 Love and light!