Mental clarity, decision making & problem solving

Manifesting and setting intentions to boost clarity, and judgement. 

If you’re looking for clarity and insight, there are a number of crystals that offer a grounding and enlightening energy that helps promote greater mental clarity, and support for decision making and problem solving. Crystals for challenging times and during personal transformation include:

Agate - 

Amethyst - 

Red Coral -

Aqua Howlite - 

Unakite Jasper - 

Mookaite Jasper - 

Magnesite - 

Rutilated Quartz - 

Quartz - 

Black Tourmaline - 

  • Creative Magic Crystal Inspiration Stretch Bracelet - with air plant - on white background

    Lesca Crystals

    Creative Magic Crystal Intention Bracelet

    Our hand-selected mix of crystal and gemstones, the Create Magic Crystal Intention Bracelet is designed to stimulate motivation, inspiration and passion for creativity. A useful aid if you are experiencing a creative block, or need a spark of motivation...

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  • Clarity Peace and Calm Bracelet

    Lesca Crystals

    Clarity Crystal Intention Bracelet

    Our popular bracelet is a hand-selected mix of crystal and gemstone chips designed to boost clarity, and support decision making and problem solving. It can alsco enhance peace and calm. Each bracelet is unique and suitable for everyday wear, yoga or for...

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  • Clarity & Stability Chakra 8mm Bracelet

    Lesca Crystals

    Clarity & Stability Chakra 8mm Bracelet

    Diffuse your favourite essential oil at the same time with a Chakra 8mm Chakra Lava Diffuser Bracelet. Chakra crystals and gemstones are selected to focus on enhancing clarity and providing stability. Design features Red Jasper, Carnelian, Tiger Eye,...

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