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Access the power of crystals and set your intentions

Access the power of crystals and set your intentions

Posted by Cathryn Blair on 29th Oct 2020

So, you've selected a new crystal or gemstone and now it's time to start receiving its power. To create power with your crystals you must first set your intentions by clearly envisioning the results you are seeking.

You do this by setting your intention (aka programming or manifesting).

Crystals and gemstones have properties, attributes and energies that can influence you physically, environmentally, mentally and spiritually and if you combine it with other practices like manifesting, meditation or crystal pairing the benefits can be amplified.

This is the Lesca Crystals way to set your intentions.


  1. You can only manifest what you can contemplate, so to set your intention first you need to be able to describe it, feel it, appreciate it and receive it.
  2. That is why we recommend further research of the properties for your chosen crystal or gemstone and decide which benefit/s you would like the stone to help you with.
  3. Clear or cleanse your crystal or gemstone - learn more here*.
  4. Find somewhere quiet without distractions - e.g. you can choose to meditate on your crystal.
  5. Place your crystal up to your third eye (forehead).
  6. Ask whomever you believe in (i.e. the divine, spirit, angel, god, buddha or the universe), to put the intent into the stone, for your highest and greatest good.
  7. Then say "thank you" three times to whomever you asked.

*We cleanse each item with crystal energy, sound healing and reiki to clear them before packaging items for shipping.

We hope you enjoy discovering the magic of your crystals! Remember that without a clear intention nothing of value can be accomplished.

If you have any questions about crystals or how to incorporate them into your personal or professional practice, shoot us a message.

- Love and Light -

Disclaimer: This article is from our experience and a collection of information from different sources. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be regarded as health or personal advice.