Rainbow Lattice Sunstone



Rainbow Lattice is only found in the Harts Range, NT. Rare and expensive, quality specimens are highly sought after for jewellery. Intrinsically beautiful with extraordinary and peculiar patterns that include parallel lines forming a lattice and equilateral triangles.

Predominantly Moonstone with inclusions of Hematite and Magnetite - which add grounding, manifestation, stability, balance, and trust to this crystal’s properties. Described by some as a quantum-field crystal, its energy has been described as lighter and purer, with a finer and higher frequency than other crystals. A stone of personal power and expanded consciousness that clear and activate new aspects of your cellular memory. It can stimulate self-healing powers, warm the spirit, and calm and relieve stress. Wear as jewellery or place in a pouch for on-the-go chakra alignment.


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